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Food Plots


At Michigan Whitetail Food Plots, we follow a proven process to make each and every food plot produce as much yield as possible to maximize food and nutrition for your deer herd.

The Process:

1. Help determine where and what to be planted to accomplish your goals.

2. Test your soil to find out the exact nutrients that will be needed.

3. Food plot preparation. (clearing, bush-hogging, and spraying)

4. Planting and fertilizing.

5. Over-seeding to create maximum food.

Most Common Plots:

Spring - Corn, Beans, Buck Wheat, Clover, Alfalfa.

Spring/Summer - Brassicas, Turnips, Chickory, Sugar Beets.

Summer/Fall -  Rye, Oats, Clover, Brassicas, Turnips.

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